Thanks NASA, now back to outreach!


This is truly a great day for NASA, but we must not forget that not so long ago NASA was redirected from Space to:

Michael Sullivan says NASA administrator said main mission is Muslim outreach

And if it were not for the House, there would be more NASA funding targeted at Earth Science (aka: Climate Change):

House bill to cut funding for NASA Earth science to increase space exploration

So let us not forget the current administration’s desired direction for NASA on a great day like today.

But we are fair in our assessments and we must point out that in 2010 the Obama administration did another redirection:

Obama’s Budget Redirects NASA

President Barack Obama redirected America’s space program, killing NASA’s $100 billion plans to return astronauts to the moon and using much of that money for new rocket technology research.

That we feel is a very good direction change. Deep Space is best left to robots not to making sure a toilet can flush in zero-G. Focusing on probes will only enhance our earth based robotic technology and produce  amazing results like New Horizons. To be sure, even on Earth we are focusing on drones – from military use to package delivery – certainly space represents the best place for such technology, not trying to keep a human alive and safe. Adding human life into the equation adds such an overhead in resources and for what benefit? The Man in Space crowd can rarely answer that question with any logic.

Hillary & Jeb, we have a Trump Card!

Two people who cannot legalize illegal immigrants fast enough are the two assumed establishment front-runners Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Hillary recently said the following:

“The American people support comprehensive immigration reform not just because it’s the right thing to do—and it is—but because it will strengthen families, strengthen our economy, and strengthen our country. That’s why we can’t wait any longer; we can’t wait any longer for a path to full and equal citizenship.”fenceimages Apparently, the throngs showing up at Donald Trump’s packed venues may differ. However, Hillary can fill a Scooby Van, so she has that going for her!

Jeb recently said the following: “Many illegal immigrants come out of an ‘act of love’”

Maybe, but the act of loving something does not make it legal or for that matter sensible. And what about the ones that don’t come via an act of love, Mr. Bush? You may already know the immigration flood is all about votes and cheap labor. In an effort to keep this short, just believe me on that point. Hillary and Jeb are constantly giving us their virtuous sound bites on “immigration reform”. Telling us how we as a country must accept illegal immigrants, what are you going to do, throw them back – goes the sound bite. However, each seems to be very silent on “border reform” – you know the “stop the bleeding” part. Again, to keep this short – do I really have to go into details about how a country cannot give aware free things to everyone that walks through its open borders, how jobs are gone because others are taking them, how Americans really do want construction, hotel and lawn care service jobs. In the middle of all that, we are spending trillions on counter-terrorism efforts since 9/11 while we continue to keep our borders open. Is there a critical mind anywhere in the ether that thinks this is sane?

However, every single effort to build a border, like every other country on the globe, is met with the retort that it must go hand in hand with immigration reform. Why? Hello… Why? Really… Why? These idiot politicians just say this stuff and the narrative, media and mind-numb follow suit. Trump says he can build a wall and it seems a lot of people like the sound of that. He didn’t say he could build a wall if only this or that happens too, no he said he could do it – period! To date, the global leader that first landed men on the moon, defeated Hitler, spent billions delivering bunker buster bombs and has drones flying around the world, seems to be stymied in any effort to erect a border that even a third world country could be proud of. The fact that China was able to do it in 221 BC must mean space aliens are real I guess!Infographic-How-Illegal-R_jpg_630x1200_upscale_q85 Here is the problem, because politicians like Hillary and Jeb are professional politicians, we are in a mess where you now have to figure out what to do with illegals living in your country. Which are good and which are bad – who knows. Had prior politicians, the likes of Hillary and Jeb, actually cared enough about their country and its legal citizens, we would have had a border and we would not be in this mess. Since Hillary and Jeb still cannot seem to talk about a secure border, it is proper and fair to lump them in with every other politician that came before and got us here – thank you virtuous leaders.

I have a thought exercise for Hillary and Jeb – here goes:

Our borders have been open for decades and you two think that is just fine or you would be talking more about locking the border than you do about legalizing illegals. Show me you have this same fervor in your personal life! For the next 30 days, vow that you will dismiss your personal security staffs, open your gated community, keep your doors and windows unlocked and then announce to the world you have a policy that every person that makes it into your house you will make part of your family, feed them, cloth them, and find them cushy government jobs. And after 30 days you will not talk about closing your doors or windows, or closing your gated community until you have gotten everyone that shows up fully employed and fully part of the family. I can’t wait! I’m going to be hanging out with Bubba and the Decider soon!

The Controversial Confederate Flag!

th It is shocking the lack of critical thought left in the USA. Equally striking is the effortless manipulation of the populous. And the cherry on top… the abuse of the first amendment by the press. The atrocious murders by Dylann Roof, the unthinkable act of a deeply troubled youth and the incredible Christian forgiveness of those in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church have rightly sparked a deep debate across these “not so” United States. The debate centers on exploring if Dylann Roof, who has been arrested on drug charges, was using psychiatric drugs. These drugs are associated with the Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza, the ‘Batman’ shooter James Holmes and the Fort Hood gunman Ivan Lopez. Wait – My Bad – we are not talking about that are we. No, the press and congress are focused myopically on the manifesto. They want to know what was going on inside the mind of this youth; they desire to know what social pressures and injustices have pushed this troubled mind over the edge. I agree it is important to understand these social pressures so we might properly affix blame. Therefore, when the press and congress dutifully dug deep into this troubled individual’s manifesto they read the following:

“The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin case. It was obvious that Zimmerman was in the right. But more importantly this prompted me to type in the words “black on White crime” into Google, and I have never been the same since that day. The first website I came to was the Council of Conservative Citizens. There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. I was in disbelief. At this moment, I realized that something was very wrong. How could the news be blowing up the Trayvon Martin case while hundreds of these black on White murders got ignored?”

In an amazingly healthy debate on media bias, race baiting and a collective call out that all life matters, including those life’s that have not left the womb, congress and the press united in one voice. They agreed this taking of life is abhorrent no matter the color, and that the first amendment’s freedom of the press is a sacred trust placed in media to report the facts as they lay, not to drive debate in political or racial directions. Republican Rep Jenny Horne broke down in tears as she delivered a call out to stop race baiting and to investigate these psychiatric drugs and their association to such mass killings.

Wait – my bad again – I was dreaming I lived in a sane country and people could exercise a modicum of critical thought. No, with all of that behind us we are steadfastly focused on a flag. That is right… a flag! Why, because there was a picture of Dylann Roof holding one, the evil Confederate flag. Or if you are cynical like me, you may think the debate is about the flag because we do not want to talk about black on white crime or big pharma pharmaceuticals. I can assure you of this, if Dylann’s manifesto had mentioned the likes of Rush Limbaugh or the Tea Party, we would still be talking about his manifesto, pulling apart every single letter and punctuation mark. To hell with the silly flag, we have a real problem here!