Some 5 years ago, I started telling my friend that FOX news is not conservative, it is GOP. Let us be clear there is a difference, now more than ever, between the GOP and Conservatism. While my friend now sees this about FOX, FOX is still seen by the left as some extreme right wing organization. It will always been seen that way, because left leaning people will simply never watch it. They rarely ever watch any political shows (as rating numbers often confirm).

Take one of the moderators of the 1st 2016 Presidential GOP Republican Prime Time Debate, Chris Wallace. He rarely goes after a liberal political figure the way he does a conservative one. Apparently, I’m not alone in recognizing this:

If Wallace were not working for Rupert Murdoch, the loaded questions, opinionated assertions and repeated interruptions would earn Wallace a lifetime membership in the Liberal Media Elite Club.”

Sounds like a perfect pick to host the 1st 2016 GOP debate! However, the biggest disappointment has to be Megyn Kelly. Between the two, they asked Trump a barrage of questions you will never ever see a MSNBC or CNN moderator ask a Democrat candidate. And I mean NEVER!

It is obvious to anyone that has even a modicum of common sense this was a direct attack to take Trump out, because he does not fit the GOP mold. For one, he does not sound like a Democrat and these days, to be a GOP top tier candidate, you have to sound like a Democrat.

Big Donors Warn Candidates On Eve Of Debate: “Take Trump Out”

Since the above story broke on DC Whispers prior to the debate, apparently the tack was changed to using the moderators. It was so obvious, that the attack started on the first question. Instead of “moderating” the debate, the FOX news “Professionals” became the debaters. It was transparent and sick, but mostly it was sad.

If Megyn and Chris really did prepare as much as they say they did, then it is clear there was much discussion about Trump. It is also apparent that conversation had nothing to do with Trump’s ideas, his ability nor his success. Either it simply was about what they had been instructed to do or each watches many reality TV shows. I wonder which…

Of this I can be sure; Megyn Kelly – if your news career continues to blossom, you will look back on this performance with embarrassment.