Well it happened – The Donald signed the RNC loyalty pledge. That could spell the end of him as a GOP candidate. What exactly is the GOP these days? They hate the Tea Party, they hate laws, they hate the constitution, they hate conservatives and you can be assured they hate The Donald. Hillary Clinton has violated the law, yet the GOP is tepid in their response. They have gone after Trump harder than they have Hillary. This one thing is sure, if you are a conservative Republican that would like to see laws upheld, would like to see a party take back the political debates as the Adult in the room, and would like a conservative choice – you are in the wrong party.

Jeb Bush has held a constant 4th or 5th position in polls, yet he is always talked about like number two. It is a forgone conclusion that he will be the GOP nominee for Presidency. In his own words, losing the primary to win the general.

Conservatives have given the GOP the House and Senate and gotten absolutely nothing for it. Now there is one person saying he will at least close the border. And they want him to sign a loyalty pledge! They want to be sure that he will not upset the oligarchy! The GOP needs to get a clear message. Instead of going after the Latino vote, they need to go after their base. We need to sign a pledge, and here it is – spread the word – the GOP needs to hear this pledge loud and clear: