George W. Bush gave us Obama. Mitt gave us the framework for Obamacare and gave us another four years of Obama. Paul Ryan gave us increased debt ceiling limits:

I wish our tearful House Speaker would just show some compassion for American taxpayers and our children, but he and Mr. Ryan have already surrendered to President Obama,” Temple said. “It’s a cowardly act of treason against coming generations, and we may be able to give Boehner something to really cry about in 2012.

Now all three are ready to turn their backs on what the general base has shown they want. Each in their own way would never turn their back on Democrats, and did what they could to work with Democrats and ignored their own base when they lead. Ryan did not stand firm on the debt ceiling, George W increased domestic spending more than any president prior. Mitt could not get the base to turn out. Yet now, their virtuous moral fiber will not allow them to support their own base.

Well why should it, each has ignored their base and so continuing down that path is not new territory. It is what they do… and it is why they do not understand the Trump phenomenon. They are political Elitist and One-Worlders. They go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. When Democrats win elections, they say, “Elections have consequences” and the likes of Bush, Mitt and Ryan believe them. When Republicans win elections the Democrats ask, “What are you going to do to work across the aisle” and the likes of Bush, Mitt and Ryan dutifully start to work across that aisle. When Trump says “we are putting the American people first again”, that is blasphemous to the Elitist One-Worlders. Putting American people first – that they just cannot support!