Dear Mr. President,

You have taken incoming like no other President. You have been attacked like no other President. You have done more and kept your campaign promises like no other President – at least in my lifetime (read them here). Two very large items you get little credit for; imposing a five-year lobbying ban for administration officials and funding your own campaign!

Let me speak to that last item. You were scoffed at, laughed at and ridiculed – but who can forget this video! You continue to face repulsive forces from the Democrats and the Republicans (John McCain and Lindsey Graham – try pretending Trump is a Democrat, you will then become much more consolatory). You also have to battle the news media like no other President. While the press played the role of praetorian guard for President Obama, for you they are saboteurs and dishonest brokers – defecating on the First Amendment while at the same time throwing schoolgirl fits that they are protected by it.

Your biggest positive that gets little credit – you are not a professional politician. You have not spent your life hoping, planning, and plotting to get into the Presidency. You have not spent your entire adult life in the Public sector, but in the Private sector. You had to succeed with your own wit and money. You had to balance payrolls, you had to make hard decisions. Those that attack you, for the most part, are completely devoid of this foundation! Most in congress have gotten rich “in congress”. How exactly does that happen based on their salaries?

Melania is the first foreign-born US First Lady since the 1820s. Normally an item that would elicit great praise from the main street media, yet in this case… not so much. Well, maybe except for Chris Matthews. Here is what I see in the First Lady’s eyes at times, maybe I’m wrong but this is what I see her thinking, “Why, why did we do this… why put all of us through this… our life was fine, better than fine.” I ask the same question, but I am so very grateful you did!

People say you are not what you say you are, they claim you ran as a publicity stunt. They claim you made up your conservative positions. And yet, Main Street Media (MSM) blew right by your 1988 – yes 1988 – interview with Oprah (another MSM fav). You sounded incredibly THE SAME! That was almost three decades ago!

Mr. President, I know you are no ideologue. I know you will make some decisions I will not fully support. I will however FULLY SUPPORT YOU! You have given conservatives more to be hopeful for than all the Republican detractors. You will do more for the hating-left than the Democrats. I know I am not alone. We see a man who did not have to do this, that didn’t need to do this, that is attacked at every angle like no other President in history. We see a patriot who doesn’t feel the need to apologize for this country like the previous occupant. We see a President injecting a thing call common sense back into politics. We see a hard-working man that is not going to simply roll over like McCain and Graham. The elitist press try to label you a populist and nationalist, then try to nuance those definitions. Let me help them… I and others see a leader that is not about making deals that give away our positions because he is taking lobbying money from other countries. I and others see a President, not a politician, that is more worried about our security and the cost of it versus getting illegal votes or cheap labor. I and others see you Mr. President as a common sense leader that is simply trying to give deference to his own country and his fellow citizens first! I and others Thank You Mr. President, and your family, for doing this for your country!