What started out as a 24hr news channel has turned into a liberal pundit talk show. There is no other conclusion possible, as we will show in the following few lines of opinion. The totality of CNN comes down to only two logical thought processes 1) CNN is incredibly lacking in self-awareness or 2) CNN is a liberal biased Democrat pundit media outlet; likes it that way, wants it that way, and will do whatever it can to keep it what way. Either path means CNN is unfit to be considered a news organization.

Before I continue, I know there must be some at CNN who realize this and it makes them uneasy or somewhat introspective about the situation. However, what you will do is see everyone else as attacking. You will form a solid bond with other liberal media outlets, liberal friends and the Democrat party. This will further isolate you to the relics of talk show.

It has been a tough month for CNN. Two hosts were taken off the air, one story was retracted and another rewritten. Staged protests, the resignations of three key employees and undercover videos portraying CNN misleading the public.

Here is only a partial list of CNN’s outstanding reporting:

  • CNN host Reza Aslan called Trump a “piece of shit” and an “embarrassment to humankind.”
  • Footage leaked showing CNN reporter Becky Anderson directing protesters where to stand with their signs
  • More footage from the protest scene leaked, showing reporters milling about as they waited for protesters to get their posters
  • Fake CNN Comey story by anchor Jake Tapper, chief political analyst Gloria Borger and executive editor Eric Lichtblau corrected
  • CNN.com published, deleted, and then retracted and apologized for, an article that claimed Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci was the subject of a Senate investigation
  • Reporter Thomas Frank, editor Eric Lichtblau and executive editor Lex Haris all resigned from their positions
  • CNN created this three person attack team to go after President Trump, they had no such investigative team for President Obama
  • CNN producer, John Bonifield, caught on video saying that Trump was “probably right” that the Trump-Russia story was a “witch hunt.”
  • The same producer noted CNN president Jeff Zucker ordering the company’s focus “back to Russia”

That was just one month in 2017! However, CNN’s biased history goes back so much further:

To be fair, any news organization can make a mistake especially in these quick to print social media times. Yet for CNN, one could continue this list literally for days.

Here is the key point. If you were to Google CNN Edits Footage or CNN fake story – you could go through hundreds of examples. In not one of those examples will you find a time CNN “faked right”. No, every time CNN fakes, stumbles, edits, lies, distorts or otherwise practices journalistic negligence it always, always benefits a liberal narrative. CNN you are a liberal talk show – not a news corporation. Because if you were a news corporation your long history of liberal bias would find you guilty of committing journalistic malpractice.