You know the story… the kneeling, the locking arms, the disrespect and the complete tone deafness. This now encompasses the players, the owners and some fans… this is the new NFL. The NFL-SJW.

The NFL denied the Dallas Cowboys’ request to honor fallen police. You remember, after BLM marched chanting “what do we want… dead cops. When do we want them… now.” This same NFL that threatened to fine players for honoring 9/11 victims.

Now the NFL, owners and players are Social Justice Warriors. OK, let me see if I can help all those SJW’s get the ball rolling. We can start with a simple question that must be asked, answered and corrected. First a quick bit of background.

In 2015, the NFL gave up its “not-for-profit” status. Yes as many report, that exemption only covered the league office. Who cares, it rakes in $1 billion a year, yet felt the need to keep a not-for-profit office. Not good for a SJW!

Next, we have taxpayer money that goes to this “not-for-profit” entity to build it stadiums. An estimated $5.4 billion in taxpayer dollars have been spent on stadiums opened since 1997 or now under construction.

So we have a $1 billion a year designated “not-for-profit” agency being co-funded with taxpayer dollars. Yet, it is one of the only government-funded agencies also exempt from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Why is the NFL the sole government-backed for-profit entity where its main employees are hired based exclusively on performance?

African-American males are only six percent of the United States population, but comprise nearly 70 percent of the players in the National Football League. This is simply wrong, and the SJW’s in the NFL need to address this immediately. I shall expect an increased hiring of White and Hispanic males, regardless of their capabilities. This should coincide with a diminished hiring of African-American males.

After the NFL Social Justice Warriors get the African-American mix down to 6% we will start talking about women. Maybe I am missing it since I do not watch anymore, but I believe you SJW’s are coming up short on female players too!