If Only Thomas L. Friedman were an honest man, he would not politicize a tragic event while acting as if he is above politicizing a tragic event.

Mr. Friedman likes to use statistically obtuse rejoinders so often when writing books, I was surprised his recent piece “If Only Stephen Paddock Were a Muslim” was found lacking. Tommy’s current false equivalency is juxtaposing the expanding Islamic State terrorism with a lone gunman (as far as we know at the time of this writing). He, furthermore, contrasts balancing the rights of US citizens under the Constitution with unrestrained, unjustified, unwarranted immigration policy.

Let me offer Tommy a quick thought experiment. Let us say that of the 5 million NRA members, a certain percentage on a regular and routine basis did what Stephen Paddock did and killed innocents all around the world. In addition, let us say these NRA members went about recruiting more members to expand the slaughter of innocents. Am I to believe Mr. Friedman would “not label” the NRA and it members, regardless of what the majority of them do?

Fact is NRA members have done nothing like the above example, and he has labeled them anyway!

A little “Flat Word” chart for the great Mr. Friedman: