Andrew Pollack has one simple message; gun control is a big issue and we are not going to get everyone together on it overnight – let’s protect the schools. Trump & Pollack seem like people who want to fix an immediate problem. Many others seem like they want to wage a political war.

After 9/11, there was not a ban on box cutters, there was a mobilization to protect the infrastructure around the people using said services. I believe Mr. Pollack and President Trump are acting like people who want to solve a problem. MSM on the other hand, want to create a political issue for political gain. Not too long ago the issue was the confederate flag – remember?

As a CCW holder and as a person with more than a few guns, what I’m about to say may seem strange. I am uncomfortable with young adults buying large magazine semi-automatic rifles and the associated hollow-point bullets. Bump stocks being sold (approved under the Obama administration), regardless if you can make one yourself, is stupid. The only purpose is to make a not-so-accurate semi-automatic into a less accurate automatic. There is a lot to be cleaned up about gun sales, including background checks… but is this the move that will fix this problem?

I like to say semi-automatics were being sold in hardware stores in the 50s and there were no mass school shootings. The reason isn’t so much the gun; it is the adults and the society raising the children. We have thrown God out of schools and taught children they are a product of time + matter + chance. We further told them survival of the fittest is the way of nature. We produce some of the most savage movies ever conceived of and Hollywood continues to pump out more twisted and vile productions. We create equally brutal video games and keep making them as realistic as possible. We give children unfettered access to the Internet where they can read and see how to make bombs. Pornography is at the hands of every child no matter how young. We abort babies and promote those abortions. To that warped universe, we add a cocktail of psychotropic drugs (which many of these mass shooters were on, but silence from MSM and the gun grabbers on that topic).

The NRA is now being pummeled for standing firm on changes to gun ownership. If you find that hard to understand, let me give you a quick reason why. At one-time evolution was not taught in schools (you know even before the biggest risk you had was your parent finding out you messed up in school). At that time, many progressives said evolution was “settled science” and that evolution should be taught “alongside” creation. Ok, so it was for a very short time and then creation science (and/or intelligent design) was given the boot. Today you can’t even have an honest debate about the subject – even though evolution is not proven science and there are plenty of arguments for intelligent design and against evolution. So next time you have a hard time understanding why gun owners don’t want to budge… well let’s just say they may have a trust issue.

There are few adults left in politics, the mass media and our neighborhoods in general. Many making the argument for banning “assault rifles” are the exact same people that said, “how are you going to roundup all those illegal aliens”? Nevertheless, they somehow think some inanimate object that doesn’t have to eat or get a job, which can be hidden in an attic or buried under the ground… well those items are easy to get off the streets. Really?

To those of my ilk that say, “if you can be drafted at 18 then you should be able to own an AR-15, with multiple 50 round magazines and boxes of TAC-XPD”, let me take exception. Our current creed of “adults” are not “training up a child in the way they should go”. The military does that for the firearm. No, for the most part, our children (if not aborted) are being trained they are time + matter + chance, fed violent Hollywood and Silicon Valley entertainment along with a chaser of psychotropic drugs.

Mr. Pollack I am incredibly sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I take only one small exception with your comments; I happen to believe you will see her again. Thank you for being a lone adult in a room of seemingly grown people.