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Former Trey

Trey Gowdy has recently made some strange about face. He was paraded all over MSM by stating: “I am even more convinced that the FBI did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the... Continue Reading →


Where was Hillary’s Spy?

The question no one seems to be asking James Clapper nor James Comey is, “where was the spy for Hillary’s campaign?” Mr. Clapper recently appeared on “The View” – they should rename that show “The Myopic View”. Uber intellect Joy... Continue Reading →

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the Two Adults in the Room

Andrew Pollack has one simple message; gun control is a big issue and we are not going to get everyone together on it overnight – let’s protect the schools. Trump & Pollack seem like people who want to fix an... Continue Reading →

Nancy Pelosi and the Constitutional Crisis

When watching Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, one gets the feeling they are watching some over-the-top political cartoon. We all know they are grandstanding and using what works best with Liberals – constant vapid emoting! A little logic shines such... Continue Reading →

Mueller and Comey – breaking all the rules!

Congress can learn a lot from Mueller and Comey. For example, Mueller recently obtained Trump transition documents from the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA handed over “tens of thousands of emails” to Mueller's probe without "any notice" to the... Continue Reading →

If Only Thomas L. Friedman Were an Honest Man

If Only Thomas L. Friedman were an honest man, he would not politicize a tragic event while acting as if he is above politicizing a tragic event. Mr. Friedman likes to use statistically obtuse rejoinders so often when writing books,... Continue Reading →

Why MSM is so very dangerous

Mainstream Media (MSM) is extremely dangerous. I make no apologies for this statement. Many on the right already know this, but events of late have devolved to such an incongruent low there may be no recovery. MSM controls the populist... Continue Reading →

Confederate statues and monuments actually a Woman’s movement

Would you believe that confederate statues and monuments actually started as a Woman’s movement? No you will not hear that from MSM or read it in the recent Yahoo column by Matthew Dallek (Yahoo has become a full on liberal... Continue Reading →

Special Counsel Robert Mueller – How soon we forget!

While I keep hearing praise from the left (and RINO lefties like McCain) for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, I have to wonder if they know history. To be sure, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is Comey’s BFF. He is hiring Clinton... Continue Reading →

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