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If A Democrat Bombshell Drops, Does It Make A Sound In The Liberal Press?

Easy answer – No! Case in point – The Hill article, FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow. As you will see this bombshell drop was accompanied by MSM silence. In a previous... Continue Reading →


The NFL, the new Social Justice Warriors

You know the story… the kneeling, the locking arms, the disrespect and the complete tone deafness. This now encompasses the players, the owners and some fans… this is the new NFL. The NFL-SJW. The NFL denied the Dallas Cowboys’ request... Continue Reading →

Charlottesville – MSM attack Trump but not Obama nor BLM

On cue, CNN quickly posted an article with the title “Why did Trump wait so long to reject the 'alt-right'?” President Trump’s initial comments were simply not enough: We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred,... Continue Reading →

Sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!

Sanders famously said, “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!" (Bernie 2016) Brilliant Bernie! One thing for sure, the Main Stream Media (MSM) certainly is and they want no part of any investigative reporting.... Continue Reading →

Trump’s intelligent election results posture

The third debate is over and while Wallace did a much better job – he just could not stop himself. Yes, we have to push some issue to knock Trump out of the race. Mr. Trump, please tell Mr. Bush... Continue Reading →

Hillary Started It, I Finished It!

So Trump says Obama born in the US period. The liberal media quickly ran to the aid of Hillary to denounce Trump’s claim about Obama. All the while, the liberal media slavishly waits over 263 days for Hillary to hold... Continue Reading →

Elitist One-Worlders

George W. Bush gave us Obama. Mitt gave us the framework for Obamacare and gave us another four years of Obama. Paul Ryan gave us increased debt ceiling limits: “I wish our tearful House Speaker would just show some compassion... Continue Reading →

Chris Matthews Still Searching for Integrity

Trump was handed a blow by being reckless enough to go on a "Town Hall" hosted by Chris Matthews. Chris for his part did his Democratic duty to help his party, by setting Trump up with a loaded question. Not... Continue Reading →

Ted Cruz, get ready for more of the same

  Ted Cruz is often touted as the man of principle, a conservative truth teller... As much as we would like to believe that, in the same way Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh do - there are too many disturbing red... Continue Reading →

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