Racist America / Racist Trump

I have heard the cries as long as I have been alive… Racist America. The only problem is the people yelling this all the time are the bigots. Duplicitous is not a strong enough word to throw at these people! When they win, they say, “Elections have consequences”. When then lose they cry like adolescent children.

Turn the tables for even a brief moment in time. What if… just what if… people across this nation started protesting when President Barack Obama was elected? Can one even imagine the outcry of racism that would invoke? The Tea Party Protests were characterized as… Racist. As noted in Newsweek:

A new survey by the University of Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race & Sexuality offers fresh insight into the racial attitudes of Tea Party sympathizers. “The data suggests that people who are Tea Party supporters have a higher probability”—25 percent, to be exact—”of being racially resentful than those who are not Tea Party supporters

I wonder if Newsweek is doing a story on the Trump protestors as being racist.

Even Chris Matthews does not know the term racism. He like so many others think you can only be a racist if you are “white” Listen to him say, “… the belief that one race, white, should rule all others”. This is astounding coming from someone with his background. Here are some others that do not believe black people can be racist.

Again, just imagine if you can the outcry that would have happened had people started protesting Obama!

Brandon Victor Dixon is the latest idiot to show just how truly duplicitous people can be. When Vice President-elect Mike Pence attend the show Hamilton, the cast used the opportunity to make a statement:

We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights

Can you imagine… can you only imagine if this had happened by a white man addressing Obama, out with his family to watch a Broadway play! Yet, President Obama abroad (something rarely addressed on US soil) took the chance to tell the world, yes the world… protestors of American Democracy – March On!

The one thing the left excels at is calling a segment of America names, names that actually identify them. Hillary called Trump supporters “Deplorable”, yet Brandon Victor Dixon and the cast of Hamilton are! Hillary supporters carried signs that said “Love Trumps Hate”, yet when they lost the election, it was their boots that trumped into the flesh of fellow Americans. “He voted Trump… Damn!” Will this be considered a hate crime? Certainly not by the likes of Chris Matthews.

In addition, what about Black Lives Matter? Do you see White Lives Matter marches? You say why should we… here is why – take a look! Remember you cannot even say, “All Lives Matter”.

So who really are the racists in America? Those that voted across racial lines or those that voted 93% for their own race. In 2012, 93%… yes almost every single African American voted their race, in 2008 it was 95%. In 2012 40% (almost half) of whites voted for Obama, in 2008 43%. No other group voted so overwhelming along racial lines.

Those figures alone shout out something very important. Yet, that is never considered as racial prejudice.

So what exactly concerns people like Brandon Victor Dixon. Anything in Trump’s contract with America? Maybe it is the “five-year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service” or maybe the “withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership” or maybe directing “the Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative to identify all foreign trading abuse”. To be sure, there is a lot a racial positioning in his contract with America to be worried about, like trying to create jobs. Uh Oh – did I just say something racial? It was… only if you think creating jobs is racial, or you simply look for the racial monstrous imaginary figure under every stone!

Chris Matthews Still Searching for Integrity

Trump was handed a blow by being reckless enough to go on a “Town Hall” hosted by Chris Matthews. Chris for his part did his Democratic duty to help his party, by setting Trump up with a loaded question. Not unlike when Stephanopoulos tried to hammer Romney on a 1965 Contraception Ruling. In both cases, the questions were attack salvos with the aim of helping their brand of politics and party. Transparent – sure, Underhanded – of course, but effective – we think not so much. The fact that both of these media wonks keep their jobs tells you all you need to know about their respective networks, followers and personal integrity (ends do justify their means).

We are disappointed that Trump answered a Chris Thrill Up My Leg hypothetical. Trump has been married three times; he should know to run from any hypothetical questions. What Trump did do effectively is actually trip up Mr. Thrill Up My Leg. You probably didn’t see this part of the interview because liberal news outlets don’t play it:

TRUMP: Are you Catholic?

MATTHEWS: Yes, I think …

TRUMP: And how do you feel about the Catholic Church’s position?

MATTHEWS: Well, I accept the teaching authority of my church on moral issues.

TRUMP: I know, but do you know their position on abortion?

MATTHEWS: Yes, I do.

TRUMP: And do you concur with the position?

MATTHEWS: I concur with their moral position but legally, I get to the question — here’s my problem with it …


TRUMP: No, no, but let me ask you: But what do you say about your church?

MATTHEWS: It’s not funny.

TRUMP: Yes, it’s really not funny. What do you say about your church? They’re very, very strong.

MATTHEWS: They’re allowed to — but the churches make their moral judgments

What Mr. Thrill Up My Leg was asking Trump is simple, if some force from another planet (or maybe God) reverses roe v. wade and abortion becomes against the law – should there be punishment for breaking the law. There is a logical problem with your brain if you do not already know the answer to that question. Should there be punishment for those breaking the speed limit laws, how about banking fraud, how about murder? It is a stupid question, unlike Trump’s question to Chris. Chris, while being a very strong supporter for a religion that is the state – his personal religion will never get in the way of his convictions. Sad, but right on target with the Ends Justify the Means Crowd.

We at Political Fuzz wish we could interview Chris, in his style – it might go like this:

PF: So when should a woman get the right to kill a child?

MATTHEWS: I don’t under stand the…

PF: Should she be able to kill it 2 months before birth?

MATTHEWS: I’m not essentially in favor of late term abortion, but…

PF: How about one month?

MATTHEWS: Like I was saying…

PF: How about one hour?


PF: How about 5 seconds after birth, you know like the 5-second rule for dropped food?

MATTHEWS: Now that is…

PF: How about before the baby’s first birthday?

MATTHEWS: Of course not…

PF: Some women have killed their children after conception, should they be let go?

MATTHEWS: I’m not …

PF: So your position is just a matter of where the clocks minute hand is at the time?