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How to fix the next Lester Holt, Candy Crowley and George Stephanopoulos

Jester Holt continued the proud tradition of being in the tank for the Democratic candidate. We are shocked, it was very unexpected. Such a rare thing! Remember Candy Crowley? CNN moderator Candy Crowley and President Obama enacted what appeared to... Continue Reading →


Not so Fast Fox!

So it looks like the Trumpster has made up with Roger: Donald Trump Makes Up With Roger Ailes of Fox News And Megyn still thinks she did nothing wrong: Megyn Kelly Defends Debate Questions: I Didn't 'Attack' Trump And while... Continue Reading →

FOX Fair and GOP Balanced

Some 5 years ago, I started telling my friend that FOX news is not conservative, it is GOP. Let us be clear there is a difference, now more than ever, between the GOP and Conservatism. While my friend now sees... Continue Reading →

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