How to fix the next Lester Holt, Candy Crowley and George Stephanopoulos

Jester Holt continued the proud tradition of being in the tank for the Democratic candidate. We are shocked, it was very unexpected. Such a rare thing!

Remember Candy Crowley? CNN moderator Candy Crowley and President Obama enacted what appeared to be a prepared script to get Obama off the hook for misleading the American people about the terrorist nature of the Benghazi attack, which left several dead Americans.

Remember George Stephanopoulos pushing Mitt about whether he believed the Constitution allowed states to ban contraception. A topic no one was even talking about, but a topic the Democrats wanted to use as a “War on Women” narrative. George did his duty to party and should have lost his career with that one, but no – not in the liberal media.

This year marked the First Time the DNC held a Democratic debate on Fox, and it happened one time. In contrast, this year they held five on CNN and five on MSNBC. Yet the imprudent RNC keeps going on their biased news organizations for debates – you know the ones that edit footage of real news to make it fit their agenda. They do Joseph Goebbels proud.

Then we have Jester Holt. Breitbart News noted that Holt intervened several times to “fact-check” Trump — often erroneously — while never checking Clinton’s facts, even when she was completely wrong, as in her claim that she had never flip-flopped on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In addition, the Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry notes Holt asked Trump six follow-up questions, and none of Clinton, leaving Trump “having to debate the highly anticipated event’s moderator as well as his Democratic opponent.”

Here is how to fix this in the future – RNC listen up:


  • All future debates are held at a neutral venue
  • The RNC, DNC, and Independent parties’ Voir dire potential moderators
  • A pool of 6-8 potential moderators are agreed to by the RNC, DNC and Independent Party
  • Moderators are chosen at random from that pool the day before the debates


One additional note for the RNC, since it will not be apparent to you. You do not let the DNC tell you which moderator is chosen at random… just sayin’


What Karl Rove Doesn’t Get, and Maybe Trump Does…

It is still amazing to us here at Politicalfuzz that Karl Rove is considered a “go to” analysis. He has been praised by the likes of Rush Limbaugh. To be fair Rush has also criticized him – but Rush even let that “architect” sit in for him as host. So there was a lot of love going on at some point, I assume when Rush was getting access to the White House and carrying all that water.

Karl Rove has probably done more to destroy the Conservative Party than anyone has in modern history. In 2013, Media Matters actually did a pretty good job covering Karl and the anger he generates in the Republican Party:

A Brief History Of Conservative Anger At “Propagandist” Karl Rove And His “Repulsive” Political Group

If history is not interesting enough, the article above also includes a couple of Twitter posts from Trump back in 2013, where he calls Karl Rove a loser and complains he has no victories. I wonder why Fox didn’t ask Trump about those posts?

Karl Rove was also a full on supporter of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). You know who else was a player in PNAC – Jeb Bush! Much of the War on Terror is grounded in PNAC. If you know nothing about PNAC, it is not surprising because the news media doesn’t either. I have never heard Karl or Jeb get a question about PNAC and Rove is still a FOX news analysis. Hopefully Trump will enlighten everyone (hint hint!) before Rove is done attacking him, as we can most assuredly tell you Rove will.

If Karl Rove’s past transgressions aren’t enough, they are hardly even needed. Rove’s biggest issue is his stupid white board, where he writes down all his numbers like an egghead professor. We can save a lot of marker ink to sum up Rove’s political acumen. Here it is – Win at any cost. Have no founding principles – just win. If there are 20% blue people, do things blue people like. If there are 30% green people, do what green people like. There you have it, the Karl Rove success strategy. No wonder Limbaugh thinks he is a political genius.

Here is what the RINO GOP does not get; the conservative wing of the Republican Party is sick of business as usual. In one election, we had Rudy Giuliani, a man with a proven record of accomplishment doing conservative moves and he was able to lean centrist when needed. What we got was John McCain, a person that never met a War or Democrat he didn’t like. In another election, we had yet another conservative that also could lean centrist and had a very strong proven record of accomplishment. Newt Gingrich when speaker of the house was praised by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, but not when he ran for president. No instead of someone with a proven track record like Newt, we got Mitt Romney. Instead of two conservatives with proven records of doing the hard adult conservative moves that could lean centrist, we got two full on centrists that always leaned left.

The two examples above are illustrative in so much as Rudy and Newt were on fire, then out of nowhere the usual suspects – FOX, Rush and Mark Levin started falling in line, bashing the front runners to a pulp so the “establishment puppet” could properly walk in and be crowned.

We expect the exact same path will be followed with Trump. FOX tried to come out of the gate firing because he looks so formidable. They will back off a bit in the second debate because it was so obvious. However, by the third debate – the Fox, the Rush and the Levin will all be firing at him.  Same pattern, same outcome – look for it!